Your beautiful, youthful skin has been there all along.

Let the Silkpeel help you glow from head to toe!


• Sloughs off dead skin cells that hide your natural glow
• Infuses customized treatments designed to solve a wide range of skin issues
• Immediate Results
• Simple and Effective
• Smoother and Brighter Skin
• Decreased Fine Lines
• Uses suction to remove debris, make-up residue, dirt & blackheads from pores for your cleanest skin ever.
• Clearer, Less Visible Pores
• No Down Time
• Skin feels fantastic long after treatment
• Reduce scarring and pigmentation
• Uses for face AND Body. Excellent for acne and sun damage on back, arms and chest.

We Recommend

• Treating monthly for best results.
• Season changes are prime time to freshen the skin.
• Using the Silkpeel for all of your rough, calloused and dry skin. Elbows love a fresh start!

Can it change your skin?

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Single: $149.*
Package of 3: $399.*

*Please note, due to its formulation, Lumixyl Serum is an additional $14.50 per treatment

What is it?

Similar to Microdermabrasion, the SilkPeel goes beyond just sloughing off dead skin cells and intensifies the treatment by providing simultaneous exfoliation and Dermalinfusion™.

A selection of topical infusions penetrates into the freshly revealed skin as the dead cells are removed. It is a painless, soothing treatment that delivers immediate, noticeable results, promotes lasting skin improvement and allows an immediate return to normal activities.

What to Expect

Immediately after the treatment, you may experience some tingling and redness. This may last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Your skin will look radiant, younger and feel much smoother to the touch.

How it Works

Our technician will assess your skin and choose the infusion that will benefit you most. A customizable diamond tip is passed over the area to remove the upper dead layers of skin while a special solution, chosen based on the client’s specific needs, is simultaneously delivered to the skin to nourish and improve healthier new skin underneath.

Three Treatments Simultaneously

Exfoliation- Sloughs off dead skin cells and debris such as environmental by-products and make up residue.
Evacuation- The hand piece uses suction to draw the skin against the diamond tip which also acts as a suction to remove blackheads and clear pores.

Infusion- A serum is chosen based on your skin’s needs and is infused into the newly revealed skin at the moment it is most effectivly able to absorb and be treated.


Single: $149.*
Package of 3: $399.*

*Please note, due to its formulation, Lumixyl Serum is an additional $14.50 per treatment