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Laser Hair Removal

It’s our specialty. Have the smooth, clear skin of your dreams!

Weight Loss

Achieve and maintain your weight loss goal! Ideal protein features one-on-one coaching & teaches you how to eat for health and wellness.

Lash Extensions

You don’t have to be born with them! Professional & long-lasting. Simply beautiful everyday.

Skin Tightening for Face & Body

Turn back time from the inside-out! Stimulate your skin’s own production of collagen to create the smoother, firmer skin of your youth.

Silkpeel Dermalinfusion for Face & Body

Reveal your Glow! Taking skin care to a whole new level, this medical grade equipment exfoliates and infuses specialized serums to reverse a multitude of skin issues from fine lines to congested pores.

AromaTouch Essential Oil Therapy

Get Totally Blissed! Put the power of essential oils to work for you with a soothing application to body scalp and soles of feet.

Services for Men

Men love our services! We solve problems. We have practical, effective solutions for unwanted hair, unwanted weight, and congested or aging skin.

Services for Teens

Teens! Unwanted hair and Blemishes are not a necessary rite of passage! We can help you care for your skin with an assessment & treatment, along with education to last a lifetime.

Jane Iredale Make-Up Consultation

The right make-up brings out your own beauty. Learn how to create your best look with Jane Iredale MIneral Cosmetics, 

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