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Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

Make-up that improves the health of your skin! Beautiful coverage, incredible sun protection that can be applied post laser. Television and photography grade cosmetics.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Products

Exceptional quality, exceptional results! Over 65 high-grade protein products with the science, the tools and the support for you to succeed.

Maxilene Topical Anesthetic

Comfort is everything! Just one more way we can help make your laser experience the best it can be.

Walden Farms

Zero, Zero, Zero! Developed for diabetics, try these sauces and dressings with no fat, no sugar and no gluten. All those zero’s mean Zero Counting!

Stevia Naturals

All Natural, no carbs! Powdered sweeteners have sugar! Liquid Stevia skips the carbs and doesn’t trigger an insulin response!

Essential Oils

Purity in a bottle! Select essential oils available to complement well being, weight loss and detoxification.

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