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The Science to Succeed

Ideal Protein is a medically developed program that uses science and a thorough understanding of your biology to help you tap into your body’s own natural ability to use stored fat and lose weight.

It is built on the principle that the body has 3 sources of energy- Carbohydrates, Muscle and Fats.
Our body draws on these reserves in a certain order- always looking for carbohydrates first, before resorting to muscle and fat.

During the weight loss phases of the protocol, we limit the carbohydrate (sugar) intake to force the body to turn to its muscle and fat compartments. This is where other diets can get us into trouble because reducing our carbs can put our lean muscle at risk and cause unhealthy weight loss.

Here is the difference with Ideal Protein:
Because we are consuming the appropriate amount of protein through the Ideal Protein® foods to protect our lean muscle mass throughout the day, muscle mass loss is prevented. This means we are able to achieve weight loss in a healthy manner.

Now, the body must resort its own fat reserves, and weight loss begins. Your body finally begins to use the fat it has been storing!

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method® will show you a clear path to attain the healthy body you desire, and more importantly, the tools to maintain your goal.

The Tools to Succeed

The Tools to Succeed

Understanding the science behind targeting your fat stores is one thing; eating in a manner that will cause your body to do that is another thing entirely. Ideal Protein’s entire protocol is based on providing the tools to succeed. It ensures that you get all the nutrition you need while losing weight with a wide selection of foods that satisfy and actually taste good. Having a range of food choices that satisfy your need for taste is so important. It is what allows you to stick to the plan and reach your goal.

Every taste, flavour and texture is represented in the Ideal Protein foods: salty, sweet, spicy, crunchy, garlic, lemon, chocolate, vanilla and maple- you name it, it is available; and that is what makes this do-able! All the tools are there to help you make good choices, follow the plan and still enjoy eating.

So, What Do You Eat?
Each day’s eating follows a format but is adaptable to your needs. It includes breakfast, an item to go with some veggies at lunch, a snack and a healthy supper you prepare on your own. There are vitamins incorporated into your daily eating which are designed specifically for this program, but are simply a multi vitamin, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and omega 3 to be sure that you are maintaining a good level of minerals and nutrition. It doesn’t require hours of grocery shopping and strange ingredients that you have never heard of; and it doesn’t require hours in the kitchen planning out a week’s worth of meals. Just a simple trip to the produce aisle and meat department will do it.

How Much Does It Cost?
Information Workshops are FREE, private consultations are available at a fee of $49. The Starter Package includes your first week of food, vitamins and supplements, a shaker that helps you get the best results when preparing your food, Ideal salt, food diary, Dr. Tran’s “Because It’s Your Life” book and program information. The cost of the starter package is $249.85 incl. tax. After that, each week is based on the number of packages you require and replacing your vitamins and supplements. Most people require 3 packages a day so it works out to $96.60 incl. tax/ week. Each week you only pay for the cost of food and get weekly coaching and support for free!

Weight Loss

The Support to Succeed

Any effort to change is only as good as the support that is behind it.

At Light Touch Laser Inc. you will learn how and why you can finally do it from our weight loss coaches who have succeeded with the program themselves.

Weekly visits for weight, measurements and grocery shopping give you the opportunity to get answers to any questions you have; and, get solid direction on how to navigate this plan to be your most successful. We have seen success over and over again and trust the Ideal Protein protocol completely. It works! All you have to do is follow the plan and we are here to help you with every resource at our disposal.

Will I always have to eat these foods?
Remember, this is a four phase weight loss program. The goal is to get to Phase 4 which is the last phase and means you no longer need to consume any Ideal Protein foods. We work to prepare you for real world eating. Once you reach your goal; a balanced diet that includes the things you enjoy is a reality.

There are some very profound pieces of information that you will learn once you start this protocol. Some are very difficult to get your head around at first—like why you shouldn’t exercise vigorously while you are in the weight loss phase, how a piece of fruit will prevent weight loss, or just how instrumental your pancreas is to this whole process. Your coach will teach you and help you overcome the myths and misconceptions that sabotage our weight loss success.

Your understanding and appreciation of your body will change and evolve as you move through the program. This will be reinforced by the almost magical physical transformation that will take place as you go through this journey.

We are very excited to share this program. It has changed the course of our lives by improving our health, energy and self-esteem in such a short period of time that it boggles our minds.
Join us at one of our 1 Hour Taste & Learn Workshops.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our stories.

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