Scrub Away the Last Bit of Winter!

Last spring I waited too long to rake the leaves, dead grass and debris from my gardens and lawn. So, when the crocuses, daffodil and tulips were trying to come through, they had to use their flower power to push through the extra barriers covering the ground.

They did it – but it wasn’t pretty. Instead of coming up in groomed beds, my flowers looked more like survivors of the apocalypse.

Anyone who has tried to rake and clean out a lawn or garden that has begun to show new growth knows it is near impossible to accomplish without damaging the tender shoots. Preparing the area saves a whole lot of apologies to Mother Nature.

The same is true for your skin.

If you want your new fresh skin cells to have a fighting chance to be revealed as the glowing beautiful skin you want the world to see, you are going to have clear away the old stuff.

SilkPeel treatments exfoliate and infuse at the same time making it the perfect Spring Fix!
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