Ideal Protein has dramatically improved many lives in the Valley and beyond. After being offered for over a year at Light Touch Laser, testimonies of the life changing effect of this 4 phase program are everywhere.  Everywhere you go, someone is on the program or knows someone on the program. And when someone is on the program – it’s hard not to notice.

Because the transformation is amazing.

Clients who follow the Ideal Protein Protocol report the following:

“My knees feel so much better – I thought I was going to have to have surgery and now the swelling, pain and inflammation are gone!”

“My doctor took me off my blood pressure medication.”

“I haven’t had an antacid since I started the plan. I used to have at least one every day.”

“I don’t feel exhausted every afternoon.”

“I am not hungry – finally.  I always felt hungry no matter what I ate – now I feel good and satisfied.”

“I have learned so much about my body and the way it works.”

“My mind is so much clearer – it is like a fog has lifted.”

“I tried everything.  I tried so hard and nothing worked. I can’t believe I have actually reached my goal–and so fast!! “

“Everyone told me I was just a ‘big boned’. Turns out my bones are the same size as everyone else’s; I just needed to change my eating. “

“ I ate way more on the Ideal Protein plan than I ever did when I was gaining weight! And now I weigh less than I did before I had kids!”

I love the snacks- it feels like I am cheating when I eat them—I  can’t believe they are so good for you!

On a personal note,

A few years ago, my mom, Darlene Williams, was featured in The Apple Valley Scoop for her experience as a kidney transplant recipient. To prevent rejection of the kidney, she will take many medications for the rest of her life. Most of them have significant side effects and weight gain is one.  After receiving special approval in October to go on Ideal Protein from her team of medical supervisors at the Renal Clinic at the QEII, she has lost 35 lbs. As a result, her doctors have taken her off- not one, not two, but all three of her blood pressure medications. They are amazed.  Mom is thrilled. My sister, Michelle, so generously gave mom the kidney to save her life.  And now I have had the opportunity to contribute and give her the tools to improve her quality of life through Ideal Protein. She has doubled her energy and has begun to really live. If Ideal Protein came into my life to serve this one purpose, then I would be very grateful.  But my blessing goes so much further than that.  I get to help people succeed in healthy weight loss.  Some of the principles seem to contradict what we have been taught to be true about health and weight loss.  But once you look at the information along with the undeniable results, Ideal Protein Just Makes Sense.  I really believe that anyone struggling with their weight deserves to succeed. Everyone deserves to feel the success of a healthy body.  I have never, not once, tried to convince someone to do the Ideal protein plan. Not even my mom.  It is a very personal decision.  My job and the job of the coaches who work with me, is to teach you the principles of the plan and give guidance and support and the tools to succeed.  The rest is up to you.  If my mom can do it…

Carrie Yeo, Owner Light Touch Laser Inc.