Due to the growth of the eyelash industry everything seems like a blur when you are trying to decide which products to choose.   To give clear insight when looking at the eyelash products neatly lined on drug store and salon shelves, I would like you to consider these questions.

  • What do you expect from your lash enhancement?
  • How long are you looking to have them on for?
  • Do you want them to look natural?
  • Do you mind people knowing that you are wearing something artificial to enhance your lashes?

Having clearly defined ideas of what you are looking for as an end result will help you make the best selection.

Strip lashes will give you a dramatic look but also are less subtle, so it will be obvious that you are wearing falsies.  If you don’t mind that, then they are a great asset to your wardrobe since they adhere more to the dermis along the lash line and not the lashes themselves. They are a great one night stand.

Individual lashes (single lashes applied with precision one by one to your natural lashes), like what I do here at Wink Eye Glamour, really are the most natural looking since they work with your natural lash and last based on your own lash growth cycle.  Your look is also customized so you are not just getting what is in the box.  You can even use some coloured lashes to highlight your hair and eye colour.

Flares or cluster lashes are also available but I wouldn’t recommend them for a couple of reasons.  Their weight is at least 3x that of an individual lash and can be stressing to the lashes you have attached them to.  I use lashes plural because you glue them to multiple lashes in order to hold them in place.  In the case of flares or clusters, I would make sure you remove them after your event so they are not gluing your lashes together for any length of time.  Purchasing the proper glue and remover for these clusters is important so your lashes don’t end up looking worse than they did before you put them on.

For the most beautiful lashes money can buy call Wink Eye Glamour today where you can maintain the health of your lashes and get the look you desire.