Our Mission

We help you look and feel your best

Who we are was a team

Who we are as a team

  • We are that best friend who you can trust and who always tells the truth.
  • We are constantly learning; and we share with you all of the amazing things you can do to make your life better, easier and more fulfilled.
  • We are the good voice in your head.
  • We help you stick to your diet, and are your biggest cheerleaders.
  • We teach you the things you need to know; like how to care for your skin and body to make it last and perform for you at its best.
  • We see the best in you, and want the very best for you.
Our History

Our History

In 2003, Light Touch Laser was launched as the first medical aesthetic clinic in our area, by Dr. Robert Scott. It’s mission: to introduce the Annapolis Valley to the benefits and science of laser hair removal technology.

As the leader in our area for the medical aesthetic industry, Light Touch educated its curious clients about the process and grew a track record of proven results. Thus began Light Touch’s reputation of excellence in customer care.

Lead laser technician, Carrie Yeo, who had been with the company since its beginning, took the helm in 2009 with a passion to develop the scope of Light Touch Laser’s incredible potential. Thirteen years after its pioneering beginnings, we boast three clinics that span the valley.

Locations in Greenwood and Kentville, we are proud to make our services accessable to our loyal clients across the Valley and  Nova Scotia.

Why Out History Matters

Why Our History Matters

It matters because:
• Trust is built over time.
• Our services work. Results are everything to us. Our history is the foundation of our reputation.
• Our services have literally changed peoples lives.
• Our customer care surpasses all others.
• We are a respected business, serving our communities over thirteen years.
• We are a trusted name in laser hair removal and our dedication carries over into all of the products and services we offer.
• We know our business and we know it well. Our knowledge goes into getting you the best results possible.
• We always use the best in equipment and we always will.
• We have a love and a passion for what we do that has only increased over time.

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